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Get your guide to Spider Vein! 2 years ago

Superficial varicose veins, also known as spider veins, represent a cosmetic problem that bothers millions of women. These are the veins that appear on the ankles, thighs, and calves of the person. They are purple, blue, or red and these veins are smaller also. In fact, statistics indicate that at least half of adult women suffer from this cosmetic problem. And now the women are looking for the best and top vein center near me.


A popular treatment for spider vein

Spider veins are cured by the sclerotherapy method and recently, plastic surgeons also started performing this method. This procedure is a relatively simple one and involves injecting a sclerosing solution into varicose veins, causing the collapse, destruction, and eventually the disappearance of such veins. This kind of treatment relieves symptoms and in many cases, it is associated with pain, burning sensations, cramping, and a feeling of swollen feet.


Sclerotherapy is a popular treatment all over the world and has spread particularly during the last 50 years, after the introduction of special substances used for surgical intervention. The minimal local damage is a major advantage of this procedure, as well as the predictable results with a high rate of success and the absence of pain.


If you ever consider undergoing the surgery used for spider vein treatment, you should be completely informed about every single aspect of the operation, including the results you can expect and the possible risks you will expose yourself to. If you have any questions (this mainly depends on your circumstances), you should feel free to contact a professional surgeon for an individual consultation.


Spider veins are known in the medical world as telangiectasias. These dilations usually occur on surfaces that are tangential to the skin and the aspect provided is very unpleasant, causing discomfort for every woman. There are several reasons which would lead to enhancing the development of varicose veins. Some of the most common ones are heredity, pregnancy, and other medical conditions that can often lead to hormonal imbalance and weight gain.


What age of women is beneficial with sclerotherapy?


Women aged between 30 and 60 can benefit from spider veins treatment and enjoy the spectacular results obtained. Spider veins usually occur in women after the age of 40, but there are also patients aged around 30 who decide to undergo this kind of surgery.


If you are pregnant and breastfeed, however, you should postpone the sclerotherapy treatment. In most cases, spider veins occur during pregnancy, but they often disappear in a short time (about three months) after the birth of the baby. Usually, sclerotherapy is not recommended in women who are breastfeeding, since its effects are not exactly known.


Benefits of sclerotherapy!


There are several benefits of sclerotherapy given below-

  • The process of spider vein treatment is non-invasive
  • This process takes less than one hour to get done
  • No general anesthesia is required
  • After the process, the patients can easily go home and resume their daily activitie


So, here is the guide on the spider vein together with basic knowledge about sclerotherapy treatment. And for getting this treatment patients should need to look for the perfect vein clinic near me which offers you effective and efficient treatment.

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