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What Causes Varicose Veins During Pregnancy? 1 year ago

Leaky one-way venous valves and the poor strength of vein walls are the primary reasons to get the vein issues especially during the time of pregnancy. Coming to the reason behind pregnancy and veins, ladies are at the extended risk of developing the varicose veins because you have:


An increased amount of blood in your veins, causing them to stretch more than usual.

A sudden boost of progesterone hormone, which it releases during the time of pregnancy, helps to ease out the vein’s walls, becoming the reason behind getting vein problem.

Another reason that can trigger the same is growing a baby in the womb, making it harder for the leg veins to manage the pressure. If it gets painful then you can consult with the vein specialist Texas and take the required prescriptions.


While many women are not simply in the condition where they can say veins are not affecting their confidence. Cosmetic complications are one of the major reasons why they take the vein treatment and it is confirmed by the vein clinic TX. Treating your varicose veins not only improves the vein health, but it can also relieve the issues that are related to the leg symptoms:


Painful feet, legs, or ankles

An aching, heavy feeling in your legs

Leg cramps or aura pain

Itchy ankles

Discolored skin near the vein area to cause further issues


Treat Varicose Veins Naturally During Pregnancy


Varicose veins at the time of pregnancy are affected by blood volume increases that create the vein under pressure and lead to serious consequences. Varicose veins are enlarged veins that are very common and during this time you can expect the veins around the vaginal area which can be painful sometimes. Hormonal changes can also start to varicose veins while being on the pregnancy as extended progestin levels can dilate the veins leading to various problems. In extension, during pregnancy, the uterus gets pressure on the inferior vena cava and leading to further issues. You can get this treatment from the vein center TX and avoid ugly consequences.


Varicose veins are a cosmetic concern, although they may get uncomfortable there is no chance that it can lead to serious problems.  The good news is they normally decline within three months to a year after giving birth to a baby.


Can I get vein treatment while pregnant?


In general cases, surgery is not advised for patients who are pregnant the reason behind this is very simple: venous insufficiency usually settles on its own after the pregnancy. Nevertheless, you can talk to the vein center Houston that can help pregnant women in lessening the signs and symptoms of venous insufficiency and leaving the complications related to the pregnancy. Some of the measures that a pregnant lady can take, also they are certified by the vein clinic Houston :


Drink the required amount of water at least 4 ltr. 

Quit smoking can have severe consequences

Use compression socks

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